Laboratory Service

The Evex network laboratory service covers all types of laboratory analysis:

  • general clinical tests
  • biochemical tests
  • coagulation tests
  • immunological tests
  • serological tests
  • hormonal tests
  • microbiological / bacteriological tests
  • cytological tests
  • PCR-diagnostics


Laboratory work is based on:

  • leading technologies
  • up-to-date management
  • international quality and safety standards


Laboratory tests are performed:                        

  • by means of high-class laboratory equipment;
  • with high-quality reagents;  
  • by highly skilled personnel;
  • with the use of internal and external quality controls;
  • through verifying the results in the reference laboratory;
  • 24-hour regime;                 
  • for adults and children.

Our laboratory enables you:

  • to receive a high-quality service
  • to have an accurate diagnosis (made by a doctor)
  • to control the treatment process
  • to avoid health-related problems

Profiles of laboratory tests:                              

  • hematological (25-parameter clinical blood tests, definition of reticulocyte, diagnosis of anemia);
  • immunohematological (definition of blood group and rhesus, rhesus antibody titre, erythrocyte antigens, direct and indirect Coombs test);
  • blood coagulation tests (prothrombin, INR, D-dimer, fibrinogen, antiphospholipid antibody);  
  • lipid profile (total cholesterol and its fractions, atherosclerosis risk assessment);
  • liver function tests and hepatitis test (enzymes, A, B and C hepatitis markers);
  • kidney and urinary tract laboratory tests (general urine analysis, creatinine, urea);
  • laboratory tests of cardiovascular system (infarction, ischemia and thrombosis diagnosis);
  • general and ionized calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium;
  • tumor markers (mammary gland, ovary, uterus, biliary tract, rectum, pancreas oncomarkers); 
  • thyroid gland function tests (TSH, fT4, fT3, T3, T4; anti-TRO and anti-TG antibodies);
  • hormonal spectrum (prolactin, cortisol, testosterone, estradiol, luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone);
  • diabetes diagnosis and monitoring (glucose tolerance test, glucose hemoglobin, insulin, C-peptide);
  • screening of sexually transmitted infections (AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes, cytomegalovirus, fungal infections);   
  • preventive check-up profile for men (lipid metabolism, prostate marker: total PSA and free PSA, feces analysis on concealed hemorrhage, microscopy of prostatic fluid / urethral smear); 
  • preventive check-up profile for women (mammary gland CA 15-3 and uterus CA 125 oncomarkers);
  • screening tests for pregnant women and infertility tests (hemoglobin, protein in urine, beta-HGC, TORCH-infections, microscopy / bacteriology of gynecological smear, PAP-test);  
  • bacteriology (blood sterility, antibiogram, urine bacteriology, fungal and viral tests);
  • cytological examination (cytological examination of any biological material, primary diagnosis of oncological diseases, express tests);
  • allergy tests (food, plant, home allergy panels, total immunoglobulin E, Phadiatop for children and adults – definition of inhaled allergens).
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