30 July, 2018

Program for epilepsy diagnostics and monitoring

At Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital there is a program for Epilepsy Diagnostics and Monitoring, which aims to detect the disease early, commence treatment and accurately manage the patients.

Services included in the program are completely free of charge, funded by LEPL L. Sakvarelidze National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

The program entails epilepsy diagnostics, according to the national guidelines/protocols:

  • Assessment of convulsion(s)
  • Classification of convulsion(s)
  • Classification of epilepsy syndrome
  • Defining possible etiologies

The process of diagnostics entails: primary screening- consulting a neurologist; secondary epileptic screening- assessment by a neurologist, as necessary; electroencephalography (EEG) study and analysis; Neuropsychological testing and development assessment; multidisciplinary team (consilium) and conclusive epileptic diagnostics;     

This program can be utilised by any patient who has never used it before and meets the following criteria:

  • Citizen of Georgia, Age 0 and up;
  • Patient/caregiver/family doctor/pediatrician/other doctor suspects epilepsy or the case has already been diagnosed.

Free services in the program can also be received at the following EVEX Medical Corporation hospitals:

  • Regional Hospital (#23 Kavtaradze Street, Tbilisi);
  • EVEX Medical Corporation – Kutaisi Referral Hospital (#2 Otskheli Street, plot #2, Kutaisi);
  • Western Georgia Referral Hospital (#83a Javakhishvili Street, Kutaisi);
  • Bokeria Tbilisi Referral Hospital (Kindzmarauli I turn, #1 (plot 05/059), Tbilisi).