23 January, 2017

Evex Medical Corporation opened a new ambulatory center in Didi Dighomi

In Didi Dighomi was opened a new ambulatory center of Evex Medical Corporation.  Starting from today the residents of the district shall have access to full specter of ambulatory and diagnostic services in the center. 

The ambulatory center equipped with modern infrastructure and the high-tech equipment of the last generation, as well as staffed with qualified medical personnel, shall offer to its patients services, complying with the international standards, which are also included in the state program of antenatal health.  The ambulatory center is equipped with que management system, which allows the patients to get medical services of all profiles, including free consultations of family doctors, without undue delays. 

The ambulatory center is located in the center of Didi Dighomi, Petritsi Street #16.