Radiation Oncology

Tumour remains the main problem of the 21st century. Medical science is still looking for ways to fight this disease. For this purpose chemotherapy and radiation along with surgery, remain the most common ways of intervention. Chemotherapy involves the introduction of drugs that kill rapidly-multiplying cells. But sometimes this is not enough, and radiation therapy is required. During irradiation, it is necessary to be treated on modern devices that can direct
high energy waves to tumour tissues and thereby destroy the DNA of cancer cells. Sometimes, in order to obtain the best result, it is required to apply chemo-radiation treatment. In our centre it is possible to make not only appropriate diagnostics, but also to receive treatment on the newest radiation devices and to ensure curing in 95% of cases of cancer of I and II stages. And when this is no longer possible, improve the quality of life and reduce pain.
High-quality services provided to oncological patients ensure:
  • Qualified medical staff;
  • Continuous study abroad and visits by foreign experts to share experience;
  • Multidisciplinary approach to treatment (TUMORBOARD);
  • Treatment according to international standards (NCCN, ASTRO, ESMO);
  • Individual approach to radical and palliative treatment of patients of all age groups;
  • Modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment;
  • Subsequent monitoring (control) of the results achieved.
The department is equipped with three linear accelerators of VARIAN, including TrueBeam STX, which enable:
BSRT - Radiation therapy synchronized with breathing - allows to conduct irradiation only in a pre-selected phase of the breathing cycle. Advantages: allows to reduce the amount of irradiation, keeping uniform coverage of the tumour with a dose of ionizing radiation.
IGRT-Image-guided radiotherapy - ensures accurate positioning of the patient's body during the procedure. Advantages: allows to determine the exact location of the tumour and directs the ionizing radiation.
IMRT-radiotherapy with modulated intensity - uses a modulated flux of photons to create a dose individually tailored to the shape of the tumour. Advantages: it allows to provide the greatest dose of radiation in the pathological focus and reduces the dose in adjacent healthy tissues.
RapidArc - technology for radiotherapy under visual control with modulated intensity, as well as for a significant acceleration of treatment.


Brachytherapy places radioactive sources inside the patient on a temporary or permanent basis to damage cancer cells’ DNA and destroy their ability to divide and grow. It allows to use a higher total dose of radiation to treat a smaller area in less time than conventional external beam radiation therapy. Brachytherapy is used to treat cancers throughout the body. This method in our department is used in gynecological, prostate and skin tumors. In our clinic, Brachytherapy is produced with 3D planning on the VARIAN GammaMed Plus iX device.


Cyber Knife radiosurgery uses radiation to kill cancer cells, however due to the specially designed robotic system and ability to track target during treatment. We offer treatment with robot Cyber Knife radiosurgery gives ability to receive treatment with no incisions, no need for anesthesia and there is no blood loss. During therapy, a large dose of ionizing radiation is delivered to a tumor with sub-millimeter precision. As a result, the tumor cells are destroyed and their growth is terminated. At the same surrounding healthy tissues and organs in the pelvis are spared due to ability of precise dose shaping. Radiosurgery procedure usually has low possibility of complications and quality of life is higher than after surgery.