High-doze chemotherapy

Qualified personnel at the oncohematology department of M. Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital carry out treatments according to the International BFM Program, which is aimed at conducting high-doze chemotherapy and proper management of follow-up complications in view of risk groups and tumor substrate.  

The highly skilled team of specialists involved in the treatment process includes social workers, psychologists and teachers. There are dedicated rooms where children can study and play. Patients are provided with four meals a day.

Patients are provided with:

  • private wards with HEPA filters
  • specialized medical equipment: infusomat, perfusor – providing 24-hour infusion therapy   
  • catheterization of the peripheral veins
  • spinal cord puncture / biopsy
  • lumbar puncture

The hospital offers high-tech diagnostic tests such as:

  • immunophenotyping
  • defining of minimal residual disease
  • cytochemistry
  • cytomorphology

molecular genetic testing