Psychiatric Service

Our network includes an 18-bed mental health unit for adults. Services are rendered within the state program. A patient enters the unit voluntarily or by compulsion (court order).  

The unit renders service to acute patients.

Inpatient psychiatric services for adult patients with mental disorders include:

  • Mental disorders (episodes of schizophrenia spectrum, affective spectrum - mania and depression; bipolar, recurrent depressive disorders, brain injury and dysfunction, as well as other psychotic and behavioral disorders caused by physical diseases) – primary psychotic episodes or recurrent complications.   
  • Mental deficiency – in case of behavioral disorders.
  • Dementia – a form of behavioral disorder, disorientation (delirium) or depressive state.
  • Neurosis and neurosis-like conditions – anxiety, somatic and dissociative disorders.  
  • Personality disorders – emotional and behavioral disorders.