30 May, 2015

In Kutaisi was opened Oncological Center

On May 30 Evex Medical Corporation opened the largest Oncological center in Western Georgia, equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. The center shall offer to the population of western Georgia modern methods of treatment of Oncological diseases and operation of radiation therapy and medicinal therapy departments shall be supervised by leading specialists from foreign Oncological clinics.  Oncological Center is the only medical facility in Western Georgia, where Evex installed linear accelerator, which allows for implementation of targeted radiation of tumor cells, located in areas, which are difficult to be reached.  Development of modern technologies in Oncological sphere promotes to substantial reduction of side effects related to treatment.  Chronic Oncological patients, residing in western Georgia shall have access to the full specter of Oncological services, including diagnostics and treatment without having to leave their region.  Evex Medical Corporation has invested 12 million GEL into establishment of Oncological Center in Western Georgia.  

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